Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Recently I made the decision that actually, what i want to be doing, is tattooing. Getting an apprenticeship is a battle, but i'm trying to be hopeful. I've been working on some more tattoo-y paintings, for a little portfolio to send out. This is one of them. So far they are all very nautical. Mostly because I like drawing ropes.  I have a few places in mind to send them out, once everything is organised. Does anyone know any great tattoo artists in NewZealand or Australia? (that is another big decision i've made, possibly moving away. Melbourne is winning in my mind, so far, but i would move for a dream job)


dianne/icefloe said...

I support this decision.

Also the one about moving away.

Anonymous said...

I love her face. And the rope is brilliant.

Carly said...

Ah this reminds me of Althea Vestrit from Liveship Traders! So amazing :) xxx