Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I still draw, I swear.

A little sneak peek at what I'm working on / have been working on. Lately i just seem to be drawing silly things in my sketchbook or making ugly comics. I started a super-secret tumblr for them, which is probably actually very easy to find if you wanted to look.

I started making myself a nicer website here thinking I could switch it over to my own URL, but it is beyond me how to do this. I suspect I am actually not allowed to.

Life has all been a bit overwhelming lately, all I have the energy for is sleeping (I guess this means i have no energy at all) and reading old science fiction novels. I think i am due for a burst of productivity though, so i am looking forward to that. I have just enlisted a 'life coach' (not actually a life coach, but a very organised and motivating friend) who i have to send reports to every week on how much art i have made. This sounds kind of horrible but it is surprisingly very fun for both of us. It is also so good to keep track of what i actually accomplish.

I am off to the Auckland Art & Craft Fair in two weeks, if you are around and come visit me and tell me you follow my blog i will give you a free postcard. Unless you are lying! But i guess that would be kind of dumb....

I am taking lots of photos of nice things I see, I am by no means a photographer (but i guess i studied it in Art school for a long time) but it is fun and i think i will do a little photo post sometime soon so you can see what my life looks like. I look at the sea a lot, do you like the sea? You will probably like the view from my house, then.