Thursday, December 17, 2009

Craft Market

This Saturday (the 19th) Sarah McNeil ( ) and i will have a table At the Mighty Mighty christmas market. It should be a fun day - we have been making totes and little bags and notebooks and badges. Sarah has been great and doing lots of sewing. Sarah has more/better information on her blog, and also a photo of some of the totes. They are hand drawn! so each in unique and one off.

If you are in Wellingon, please come! There will be cupcakes.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

scouts honor

i am so pleased that i've actually managed to do some painting in Wellington. Usually i have to be so settled and nested..but sitting on an uncomfortable 3rd hand couch watching a 3 inch tv with a table made of cardboard and books, i have actually done some of my favourite paintings from this year.

I received my government grant a week or two ago, and have been shopping like mad. It would have been more fun if i hadn't had to supply itemised quotes a month ago, but its still nice to have a truckload of new stuff. Well, new art stuff. Which is really all i spend my money on anyway!

I got some christmas/birthday/just because cards printed, and they'll be up on etsy soon soon soon, and hopefully they give my totally dead etsy store a bit of a kick re-start.