Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brooch Giveaway!

So you may have noticed my etsy store has been down for a little while - this is in preperation for a whole lot of new nice things. New prints (big and small), postcard packs, original paintings, badges, brooches, and super lovely large Giclee prints.

The store will reopen this coming Wednesday, and to celebrate (and advertise) I'm giving away one of my original handpainted brooches. I'll also be having a big sale with 20-40% off everything.

anyway.. here is the little lady who is up for grabs:

She comes in a little handmade Kraft box, with a grey ribbon and red wax seal.

To win this one of a kind brooch all you have to do is reblog/tweet/tumbler/something about this compeition/store relaunch (and let me know via comment here) and you will be entered into the draw, which will take place Sunday the 15th of August.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Foxes Shop.

So you can now buy a selection of my goodies over at Foxes

The little hand painted fox pendants are exclusive, so you won't find them anywhere else. There are also prints and postcard packs. You can purchase things here.

There are lots of other great artists selling there too, like Sarah Mcneil and Victoria n' Bird and Evie Kemp, so you can buy lots of things from great people all at once.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Auckland Art and Craft Fair

I am back from Auckland.

It was nice to get away for a week, and the fair was very fun. I'm still pretty tired from staying in a hostel, and my body is pretty beat from eating so much junk food (although it was delicious). Sarah and I found this little bakery/bread shop just up the road from where we were staying, and we ate so many little milk pudding things. So good. I'm glad they don't have them in my city or my butt would be twice it's size.

Anyway, the fair! The night before we made a mock-up table, which was lucky as I doubt my brain was functioning well enough on the actual day to plan it out nicely. The venue was great (although our table suffered a lot of 'bottlenecking' as it was in a funny little corner spot) and the whole fair was insanely busy the entire time.

Here's our table (Sarah made the rad banner):

and some close-ups:
Sarah's side:
All my little brooches and things (some of these are still available) in little boxes Sarah made:

I didn't get a chance to take any photos of other people's stalls, which is a shame. Some people really had amazing displays, but i was (literally) stuck behind our table. I managed to squeeze out once to go to the bathroom and it was so tricky I just stayed behind the table after that. We ate alot of satsumas. Hopefully other people did and there are some on the internet somewhere. I also didn't get a chance to buy anything.. I had planned to at the end of the day but I had a hideous fit of shyness and was too scared to talk to the other stall holders, even though lots of them were lovely and bought things from me. I think i will try and email people whose things I liked and organise trades....

I met lots of neat people, and I do apologise for my lack of social skills.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi everyone - You should go vote for my image to be put on an illicit tee. It would be super rad.

My Entry

I would really appreciate it. I'm really pleased with my entry, and think it has a pretty good chance of winning.

Also some guy copied (actually, traced..) a super old drawing of mine and entered it... I've already contacted the site so hopefully it will be taken down soon.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I forgot to mention.. you can now purchse my T-Shirt and Sweatshirt online! Theres a ton of other gorgeous things on the Swonderful website too.



So I decided not to become an accountant... I don't think i could handle going back to University again.

I just added a bunch of new paintings and drawings to my website.. see, i have been working! A couple more are on my flickr, that I didn't like quite enough for my website.

Auckland is fast approaching and I'm getting excited, i signed on to sell things through Foxes which is good for people in NewZealand. It's really not cost effective with etsy..

You can read all about foxes and the upcoming launch at Foxes blog.