Saturday, August 25, 2012

Double or nothing

Everything is about twins lately. I used to think I'd secretly been born a twin and that was why i felt lonely a lot of the time.

Also maybe everything is about Logan's Run.

I finished these ladies a little while ago, you can buy a nice giclee print of them in my store. It is my biggest print yet! I am trying to paint bigger so i can include all the nice details i want, like zippers and studs and more freckles than ever.

I have a new job now (which is pretty much the same as my old job) and it takes up a little bit more of my time than I'd like. Need to re-learn to juggle important things like drawing and painting. I also have a new studio mate, which has thrown me off a little. Not that they are bad, i have just become spoiled with my own space and have to adjust to sharing again.

I am thinking about making a regular thing of' 'Sketchbook sunday' and posting progress photos and drawings on that day, would that interest people? I am never really sure what to blog about or how personal to get but I would like to do more writing and it seems like here is a sensible place to do it.

- D