Monday, September 12, 2011


I make these all the time. People ask me for the recipe just as often, but it is super basic so i never bother (also, laziness). So here it is in all it's roughly-drawn deliciousness.

(you might want to click the images so the are readable size)

Make them and eat them because they taste good. Sometimes i put m&m's in there too, just because i like m&m's.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Working on a some different sort of things - all are single straight-from-the-tube watercolours, at different strengths.

This one is quite big, but i only have a tiny scan. I'm not sure why. It is very mysterious.

I am also in/on the latest issue of Domestic Etch, you can preview and buy it here. It has some delightful people in it, including my all time favourite Mel Stringer.

Things are still a little rough at the moment, I finally have two days in a row off work this week so i can draw and paint as much as i want. I am also taking a mini road trip with some friends on friday to the amazing Staglands and we are going to pet so many animals. Feeding deer and baby goats and a huge aviary full of native birds.... I am very excited.