Monday, May 24, 2010

My name.

My website is now the first result when you google search my name! I do this from time to time, because i like to see if my website is actually getting any traffic. Maybe I should get a tracker? Would be neat to see how many people visit it.

Anyway, while looking through the google results (who doesn't do this from time to time?) I came across quite a few little blogs who have mentioned me - very nice. However, I have noticed one thing.. some people think I'm a boy.

Now, granted, I do have a name that is generally given to boys. I would even hazard to say it is a boys name. So I can see where the confusion begins. I guess I just figured my drawings are so blatantly feminine people would guess i was female. It's sort of nice that people haven't assumed that! Boys can draw flowers and birds and pretty frilly things, too.

Just to set the record straight (not that I mind a little gender confusion.. this should stop people making any sort of judgement on me based on my sex) I am of the female persuasion.

I promise promise to post some more pictures soon.. i have photos of my new foxy (in the sense that they have foxes on them) wooden brooches and pendants, and some new drawings, too.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Did you know, I have a fan page on facebook:

I tend to make little posts on it quite often, so it is a good way to find out what i'm up to.

The latest news is that i will be at The Auckland Art and Craft Fair, on July 24th, at The Auckland Art Gallery. It looks like it will pretty amazing, the venue is great, the money system seems like a great idea, and it should be filled with lots of great stuff! I'm Sharing a table with Sarah McNeil who is also designing the special fair money.

I have lots of special treats that will be for sale; more cameos and necklaces, new cards, a new gocco print (plus my other), badges, and fancy new prints of my newest paintings.