Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy samhain!

It's actually not Samhain here, since i'm in the southern hemisphere. But whatevs. Happy Halloween at least.

'Kittens & Oak' is now for sale in my etsy store, and all orders made today will get a free set of postcards. 

Monday, October 29, 2012


So for a while i've been working on this fox pattern for something extra special. It won't be long until i can divulge exactly what is happening, so i thought i'd go ahead and show off some of the work i've been doing.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kittens & Oak

Kittens & Oak
Watercolour and pencil on paper.

Very much in the halloween spirit this year. This lady will be released as a special limited edition giclee print on halloween day. All orders made on halloween will also get a free postcard set, just because.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

She Can't Hear You

My brain is stuck in Halloween mode. All i've been drawing lately is witches and ghosts and black cats and general spookiness. My sketchbook has been neglected this week due to having several big projects to finish and work being a bit nuts. If you didn't know, i work at an art gallery and our new season opened on Friday. This meant a big party for some people and a lot of work for others. For once there's an exhibition I'm enthusiastic about. Lovely spooky atmospheric photography from Ben Cauchi. It's pretty dreamy and i pretty much always love any art that takes a lot of time and effort to produce. My pal Campbell Kneale also has a great immersive installation work up (or i should really say my friend's partner. I don't actually know Campbell all that well but it made me sound cooler to say he was my friend)

Wocolate, one of my favourite online shops, just launched their super cool new blog, and did the nicest interview with me. You can read it here. They came up with the best questions. I got to talk about science fiction and tell dumb childhood stories so it was actually enjoyable to answer.

Another nice thing is my new website is finally up. It is still but now it is clean and simple and easy for me to update so i won't just ignore it for months.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday

A little drawing in my sketchbook that I've started painting - It's october so this is getting a little halloweeny.

This little bird is a design for a tattoo i'm getting this month. A friend from Dunedin is travelling up to do a guest spot at a local tattoo studio so i'm getting her to add this little guy onto my already bird-covered arm. Getting tattooed by friends is always more fun, we just spend the whole time chatting and it never gets too harrowing. It's going very near my elbow and I'm sure i'll turn into a total wuss closer to the day but right now i'm feeling very brave.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday

This isn't so much 'sketchbook' Sunday as it is 'here are some drawings' Sunday.
Top to bottom:
  • Little sad lady. With a pillow.
  • Drawing at a cafe with a very heavily carved table. The boy who brought me my coffee said "Cool illustration, man" I like compliments but i don't get called 'man'very often and it is a little strange.
  • A little painting I'm working on. Rope knots are fun.
  • Some sort of still life with grapes. I'm not sure where this is going.

Maybe you have noticed that all these pictures look like they have been through Instagram. That is because they have. I post lots of working photos there because it is instantaneous and I am kind of lazy about scanning. My name is devonannasmith if you would like to follow me.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


You probably already know I love science fiction so maybe it is not much of a surprise that I love the X-files. Aliens have always been my biggest fear in the world (leaving the light on every night level of fear) so i used to hate the show so much. My brother liked it to the extent that he had all the trading cards and VHS tapes. I never watched it and it still gave me nightmares. I'll admit that i still get scared of the more alien-based episodes and maybe i can only watch them during the day...

I might paint Mulder later, but he is so handsome it might be too much of a challenge.