Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stickers & Skating

How did I forget to mention stickers??!? Here are some pictures, because. I sent out freebies of these to people, to get some 'action' shots, but no one sent me any photos back! Naughty people... So these are just photos of me holding them. You can use your imagination as to what to stick them on. Not cats, cats do not appreciate having stickers stuck on them. They are up on etsy, and also for sale on

My sickness has mostly gone, which is lucky as I am back to work tomorrow. Last week a friend of mine took me roller skating - she does roller derby and is very good. My coordination and balance is pretty bad, so i fell over a lot, and have lots of little bruises everywhere. It was still lots of fun! I bought myself some second-hand skates, and although I don't think I'll ever get into derby ( I am not competitive enough) I have big plans to skate to work and do fancy tricks.

Coming up soon is the Auckland Art & Craft Fair , on the 11th of June. And I will be there! I know I swore of craft fairs, but I got very cheap flights up to Auckland and it is really just an excuse to visit friends. I have a full table and will be laden with new Tshirts and brooches and giclee prints. So if you can make it, come say hello! Maybe i will do some sort of blog-readers special...


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Opening at Pixel Ink Tonight

Group Show (featuring Ani Fourie, Autumn McGrail, Rebecca Robinson, Carmen Rogers, Charlotte Ellayne Welch, Devon Smith, Florence Thornburn, Jinx in the Sky, KIRAN-X, Lucy Yu, Melissa McDougall, Rachel Walker, Trevor Kohing and Rosalind Clark)

Pixel Ink Gallery, 219 Cuba Street, Wellington 6011

Exhibition runs from 29 April – 29 May 2011

Opening preview: Friday 29 April 5:30 – 7.30pm

I had planned to go to the opening, but I've picked up some awful sickness. I am confined to bed watching movies and not moving. It's pretty great, actually, except when i do move (and my back hurts) and the odd spew.

Tomorrow a friend of mine is helping me sort out my website, she is super smart so maybe she will help me pretty up this blog, too.

I have lots of sketchbook photos waiting to be uploaded, but
they will have to wait until I am a little better.

Also, T-shirts and stickers are now on my etsy store.