Monday, October 10, 2011


I've been off work with some sort of awful sickness the past three days. Sitting in bed watching cartoons has even become boring.

I tried to do some drawing this morning but couldn't decide which sketchbook to do it in. I thought it was time i actually counted how many sketchbooks I'm currently drawing in.

Too many. Way too many. The problem is i always have this dream ideal of how a sketchbook will turn out but then i draw something ugly in it and move on to something new. Or I assign too specific a role to a book, like my life drawing book (the big one at the bottom). I haven't been to life drawing in six months!

This doesn't include any of the mostly finished books I have put away. I remember when i visited my parents a while back and decided to clean out the bookshelves i'd left full there, i must have thrown away 20 or more books of drawings.

Anyway, top to bottom:

1) Little moleskine, previously my work sketchbook, which has been usurped by...

2) Softcover book with multi-coloured pages. Stays in my back pocket. Drawing and writing and lists of the first 150 pokemon (this is the game i play with myself at work when i am bored)

3) A6 Hardcover book with really nice 200gsm off-white paper. Was for "what i wore today" drawings but it only has three in it so far.

4) A5 book with bright white cartridge paper, for comics and zine drawings.

5) Older square sketchbook i took away with me last year. It has some kind of depressing things in it so i guess it is mostly retired.

6) This book was supposed to be for exhibition & painting planning. It is what i draw in at cafes.

7) This one is for illustration jobs / plans. Although it has kind of become just an every day drawing book.

8) As previously mentioned, life drawing book.

(these are all resting on a cushion from Evie Kemp )

EDIT: This was written really poorly because i had a fever.