Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's in My Bag.

So I've noticed this making a bit of a comeback on blogs recently. I really like looking at other people's (Evie Kemp's especially) so I decided I'd do it too, even though my bag holds nothing of any great interest. I initially drew it, but scanning is such a chore and i don't use my camera nearly enough so.. here we go.

This is my every day bag (actually it's my only bag that isn't broken.. and it is a bit broken) I found it in a shed when i was 20. It has some sort game club logo on the front which has mostly worn off. I ripped the side seam last year, and just caved and sewed it up myself by hand. The buckle on the strap is also broken, but it's being held in place by a length of stirling silver wire (i was taking a jewellry class at Art School at the time) I very nearly bought a new satchel last week, but decided that actually this bag is great and lovely and still has years of use left in it.

1. Paper! My bag is always full of scraps of paper.

2. My Wallet / Pocketbook. Overflowing with loyalty cards that i never use.

3. My work sketchbook. Fits neatly in my back pocket. Overflowing with receipts and to do lists and photos of wolves.

4. MAC 'Hug Me', the only lipstick I've ever paid more than $5 for. Bought at duty free when leaving L.A

5. Moo minicard case.

6. Sunscreen /moisturizer. Free sample that i was accidentally sent 6 of.

7. House key / Mary keychain. A very old friend gave me this keychain a very long time ago.

8. New soft cover Moleskine.

9. Diary (well, datebook thing)

10. Pencilcase. The handiest best pencilcase ever.

11. Comb! I live in Wellington so carrying a comb is essential. (because fo the wind)

12. Sunglasses and sunglasses case. From Skylark in Auckland (which she gave me for free when i started stocking there)

13. Mp3 player which is actually Wal's, but it has been permanently stolen. Attached to my old rather crappy headphones.

14. Washi tape for emergency fixing.

15. Cell phone, with attached cake slice (Given to me by Zambi while in San Fransisco) and Pichu that i got from a vending machine while on holiday.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Orla Kiely

I really know pretty much nothing when it comes to fashion. Right now I am wearing an Elvis Tshirt. Is this fashionable? Probably not...

But i do like the things made/designed by Orla Kiely. This is sort of some of them, but the colours and fabrics and things are different because i lost the picture i was looking at to draw from.

I painted this when Sarah and I were staying at Caitlin Shearer's house. It was really nice to meet her in real life, we drank wine and played with cats and tried to make fondue.

Thursday, December 2, 2010



So I'm back! I really did intend to blog while travelling, but Sarah's laptop had a terrible run in with a cup of coffee so we didn't have a computer to take.

It was a pretty amazing adventure, we met so many great people, Mia, Kyle, Danny, Caitlin, Eric, Stephanie, Andrea, Whitney.. who am I forgetting? Everyone was so nice and lots of lovely people let us sleep on their couches.

I have uploaded lots of photos on my flickr here if you are curious. Later i will blog about specific things and talk about all the fun we had.

This is the tattoo i got in Portland from Ryan Mason who is amazing and kind of dreamy.