Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday

A little drawing in my sketchbook that I've started painting - It's october so this is getting a little halloweeny.

This little bird is a design for a tattoo i'm getting this month. A friend from Dunedin is travelling up to do a guest spot at a local tattoo studio so i'm getting her to add this little guy onto my already bird-covered arm. Getting tattooed by friends is always more fun, we just spend the whole time chatting and it never gets too harrowing. It's going very near my elbow and I'm sure i'll turn into a total wuss closer to the day but right now i'm feeling very brave.

1 comment:

Tori said...

The hair on the girl with the apples is AMAZING. I am liking tattooed ladies very much but I am too much of a wuss to become one!