Saturday, October 20, 2012

She Can't Hear You

My brain is stuck in Halloween mode. All i've been drawing lately is witches and ghosts and black cats and general spookiness. My sketchbook has been neglected this week due to having several big projects to finish and work being a bit nuts. If you didn't know, i work at an art gallery and our new season opened on Friday. This meant a big party for some people and a lot of work for others. For once there's an exhibition I'm enthusiastic about. Lovely spooky atmospheric photography from Ben Cauchi. It's pretty dreamy and i pretty much always love any art that takes a lot of time and effort to produce. My pal Campbell Kneale also has a great immersive installation work up (or i should really say my friend's partner. I don't actually know Campbell all that well but it made me sound cooler to say he was my friend)

Wocolate, one of my favourite online shops, just launched their super cool new blog, and did the nicest interview with me. You can read it here. They came up with the best questions. I got to talk about science fiction and tell dumb childhood stories so it was actually enjoyable to answer.

Another nice thing is my new website is finally up. It is still but now it is clean and simple and easy for me to update so i won't just ignore it for months.

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Wishcandy said...

Just read your interview! Logan's run is my favorite sci-fi movie and novel! So dreamy and intriguing.

You're absolutely amazing ;) This painting is really stunning and i really want a print of it! <3