Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Step-by-step of painting “If it kills me”
1.  Draw a picture! HB to sketch and H for final lines. Sometimes i plan things but this time i didn’t. Coffee is very important with this stage.
2. Flesh tone wash.
3. Fleshing out the flesh tone (haha, i sure am funny!) buliding up shadows with more opaque washes of the same colour.
4. Adding some pink! just a wash on cheeks and lips and anywhere else that takes my fancy.
5. Starting on the hair - just a bulk brown wash with a bit of texture.
6. Little hair tendrils, eyebrows and eyelashes. Basically any important little details that are the same colour as the hair.
7. Greens! also i have added more tone to her skin with various other colours. Bit of brown wash and some darker flesh.
8. Almost done! pinks are evened out, freckles are added, more eyelashes and little details.

I hope this is helpful to someone / anyone. A few people have been asking, but i think my painting process is pretty basic. Draw a picture and put some paint on it.
If anyone has any specific questions feel free to ask! I like to try even if i can’t answer very well.


Tori said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing this. What type of paper do you use?

Georgia said...

I love watching paintings in process, thank you for sharing!

Devon said...

This is on Saunders Waterford smooth hot press, but I also use Arches too