Monday, September 27, 2010


ah.. i love getting things professionally framed. It makes work seem so.. finished. This is the biggest drawback to working on paper, people seem to asign a much higher value to art on canvas. I wonder why? It annoys me an awful lot. Any insights? Do people think work on canvas takes more effort?

Anyway, I took about 10 works into a great framers - he is doing everything so cheaply for me! Mostly basic black frames, but a few more ornate black ones, and one amazing over the top gold frame for this little lady(who is not actually little at all):

She is one of my favourite paintings i've ever done, so i'm glad to have her decked out so beautifully. I'm kind of not-so-secretly hoping she doesn't sell, so i can keep her and hang her in my house. Or else gift her to Sarah who I know also fancies her a bit. I wish i had photos of the frames i picked - i might go in and take photos of the samples.. just to show off a bit.

In other news I've fallen really sick this week. I had to skip work today, which i hate doing. My boss is such a sweetheart plus i really do need the money. I've been drinking lots of green tea with jasmine, and berocca. I think i need new teas but i am always scared to try things - what if it is gross and i have a whole box of it?? This place has some amazing teas, I bought a little trial pack from them a while back but made the mistake of getting the 'fruits' sampler, and everything was a bit sweet for me.

Looks so cute though. Everything in little tins... maybe i will try again with green teas. Does anyone know any good teas for making you feel better?


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Vilde D. Ulriksen said...

What a gorgeous portrait! I love the colours and her expression. You really have managed to put a lot of personality in this - which creates a believeable and interesting character.