Monday, September 6, 2010


I painted lots of brooches. I put them all on flickr already, but here they are all compiled together! I am working on special commissioned ones at the moment. Send me an email if you would like a special portrait done xx


MrJeffery said...

these are adorable. good work.

monika viktoria said...

Your little hand-painted cameo brooches are just divine. They have such a beautiful feel to them, and I love your style!!!!

great work ,keep it up!!!!! xx

Anonymous said...

those are divine

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

Marguerite said...

oh, they are wonderful!

Samantha Rose McDonald said...

Oh, you make the most perfect things.


Samantha Rose McDonald said...

I love the packaging for these brooches (of course I love the brooches, too!). It just really makes all the difference when a seller takes the time to prettify a package of an item.