Monday, September 20, 2010

Cards and things

I just spent a week in Dunedin visiting my parents.. It was very nice to laze around and be looked after. Somehow i ended up missing half the people i wanted to catch up with, but it was really a family related trip. The dog is now so old that he is going grey and smells of wee a lot of the time. He also has only one tooth and is generally a messy silly looking thing.

It's good to be home though, in my own bed and such. I have a huge backlog of emails and etsy orders to sort out.. which is pretty fun and exciting. I like emails!

I have some new brooches that will be up as soon as i've taken photos, but for the moment, i've added lots of cards to my store.

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Brad Fallon said...

That deer is stunning - love the detail you put into the coloring of the fur. Gorgeous!