Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've been trying, lately, to get back into drawing in sketchbooks. I used to do this so much, but somehow it tapered off in recent years and i would just do quick plans for paintings and nothing more. I think it is good to draw for no other reason than just enjoying it. are lots of sketchbook pages. None of them are my best work, none of them are finished and they are all very messy but i like that. I have more to photograph, and i will, and you will be seeing some of my better pages in print very soon..

I just moved into a nice new studio last week. It is sunny and big and in the centre of town. I'm hoping I can work a bit better there away from distractions (mostly the internet... i am deliberately not setting up a connection) and improve all the things i've been hating about my drawings lately. I'll take some photos because it really is a lovely space, and of course i've covered the walls with nice postcards and magazine pictures and drawings. It's just like art school, except no one bugs me during the day, so it's better. Even the toilets are creepily identical!



Unknown said...

I love the beetle drwings!

Percy Owl said...

That beetle is divine! And the girls are lovely too.
Internet is mighty destracting... I have several projects I haven't finished because of it... I can only blame myself though haha.
Can't wait to see more work :)

Samantha Rose McDonald said...

Where did you go to art school? Your drawings are always so lovely and perfect.


Devon said...

The beetles were something Evie Kemp recommended. They were so fun though.

Samantha - I went to art school in Otago, where i grew up. x

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so inspiring!