Saturday, January 29, 2011

On getting old

I just updated my website for what must be the first time in months. The trouble is i don't like the design, so i don't even like telling people about it.

Anyway, whining about it won't do anything, i should just look more actively for someone to help me fix it up a bit.

My birthday is coming up (Next Thursday), it is kind of a non-event, as i guess most birthdays are past 21. I have plans to throw a small birthday party, mainly so i can make frozen chocolate dipped bananas. I already bought myself a few little presents (a new bag, and a cute ring) and i'm lucky enough to have the day off work. I also made myself a treasury on etys (my first!).

Then i made another one because they are fun.

Studio time has been very productive, lots of new paintings.

In shop news.. I have some new giclee prints and some new brooches, too.

Lots of people were wanting this one, and it came out really nice.

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1000 Cats said...

That print looks great! Hope you have a lovely birthday :)