Saturday, October 17, 2009


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I haven't done anything digitally for quite some time.. but i do enjoy it. This is just a quick colour over a sketch for my bandits series. So it also a teaser, really. I've been drawing these mini-swans like crazy lately, which is odd, because in reality, i am scared stiff of white swans. Black swans i can handle because they are shyer (and also more common where i live) but white swans... i am very much afraid of them. Geese, too, but not as much.

Perhaps it's the honking.

Anyway, on a more personal note, I am having surgery on Tuesday. I will be out of action for some time after that ( i'm not allowed any form of exercise for a month... not even something so dull as jogging!) which either means i will be a lot less active on the internet, or a lot more. We'll see!


Ziad Ali said...

This is very cute!
Hope your surgery all goes well, and you are back on your feet soon,
Pearl x

Andi B. Goode said...

I'm rather afraid of swans and geese, too. It must be the honking.
-Andi x

Anonymous said...
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