Sunday, October 25, 2009


Originally uploaded by Eating ghosts
Would you like to win these goodies?

Leave a comment telling me which of my paintings you would most like to see on a badge or card, and you will be entered into the draw.

Post a link to this on your blog/website and you will get entered twice!

Goodies include:

2 A4 prints on matte 250gsm paper (this is not my usual print paper, these were early test runs before i found my beloved watercolour card)

1x "her hair is a birds nest" badge

1 set of mini notecards (on watercolour card) 1 each of "She cries", "She sleeps", "She pulls",and "Her hair is a birds nest"

and 1 funny little notebook covered in purple flowers and gold.

Winner will be announced one week from now. xox


Ms. Dee said...

It's difficult to choose just one but I think my all-time favorite piece of yours is this one:

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Oh la la ! Exciting !!!
My favourite painting of yours is "Rabbit Spats".
I'd love to see postcards of this and maybe badges of the girl and the little rabbit :)

Best from Paris,
x x x

Poppy said...

I have a particular fondness for foxes :)

San Smith said...

I this one would make a lovely card! and then you could pair it with a card of the other girl that is similar! :)

Adalya. said...

I think that this would make a fantastic badge
but this one is also awesomely cool

Andi B. Goode said...

Golly, I don't know. All your work is beautiful and would make great cards! I think this one -
Because I like her kitty mask.
-Andi x

Unknown said...

I would go for her
Reminding me of being a kid wanting to be a piratprincess and not a barbie.:)

Love all of them

Nichole said...

okay, this one is my all time favorite of yours, though it is hard to decide. She'd be adorable on a card, or even a badge, if she isn't already(?):

Anna said...

Definitely a huge fan of these gals...the little red haired one in particular. Absolutely wonderful work!

Kelly said...

I love the 'rabbit spats' print, I have a bunny who would love a badge with this print on it, though she has nowhere to pin it to, so I may have to steal it! I also love your colour combination in the masked girl with red hair, the aqua background is so lovely combined with the red.
Kelly x

Julie said...

Oh a giveaway! I LOVE “Magpies & Balloons” and "Don't come running". Either one on a post card or badge. But trust me it's difficult to choose, there is so much of your art that I love!

Rodi said...

I really like Evelyn I. I think it will look lovely and delicate on a badge or on a postcard.

Shannen Von Munster said...

i'd love to see loosetooth on a badge, it's my favourite !