Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My Hearts
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As some of you may have noticed, i have been missing from the internet for a few weeks now. This is because the boy in my life got a job at Weta (!!!) and moved cities (not so great) and i have been visiting with him for the past while. I have lots of new things to show everybody, paintings, drawings, silly purchases. So when i get home next week expect lots of regular blog updating!

I just added this little lady to my Etsy store ( ) and still have a few prints available too. I will be making regular updates there, too, of very affordable originals ( less than a third of my regular gallery prices) since i will be moving soon and need to clear out some art!

My website is also now up and (sort of) running. Most of the links don't work, and the gallery isn't set up properly, but you can still view all my pictures there. My web assistant ( or.. my nice friend Rob who is helping me in exchange for cupcakes) is away exploring japan for a month so it won't be fixed for a while. Visit it anyway and let me know if anyone has any suggestions of anything else i should add to it. Http://


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Poppy said...

I have friends who work at Weta, it is a fantastic place!