Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Postcards & New happenings

Things have been a bit manic the last month, I took two weeks off to visit my family, which involved minimal internet use (my own decision) and then since I've been back I've been catching up on work at my day job. Somehow many little jobs were ignored while i was away so it's been work + sleep the last few weeks. I've been doing some serious re-thinking of my career moves and things are moving in a positive direction. I may have some very exciting news in the next few weeks but i don't want to jinx it by jumping the gun and making any announcements just yet..

In the mean time I've just had some lovely new postcards delivered, and they are now up in my etsy store.

I've listed them all individually rather then sets as i normally do, so you can pick and choose a bit more. Did you notice my gorgeous new fountain pen making an appearance? It was a birthday gift from my partner, I'm really enjoying doing more writing and having a lovely pen makes it much more special.


peach said...

very nice blog posts<3 xx peach

Unknown said...

I love the postcards