Monday, January 14, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday (at last!)

My excuse for not blogging is that it's been the Holidays. Actually i only got a few days off but, you know, laziness is in the air. I got to spend Christmas with my family in Dunedin but I was straight back to work for New Years. Luckily i'm not much of a party animal so it wasn't a huge loss.

I have been drawing a lot, despite this bout of laziness, so i have plenty to show from my sketchbook. Very little finished work, but that's not what sketchbooks are about anyway.

 I've been making some paste-ups with my super cool friend Pinky Fang, it's really fun working with acrylics after so long.


A Beautiful Party said...

I love your work! Those large ones are so great. Glad I found your corner of the world/internet. ( :

Georgia said...

Beautiful work! I especially like the skull in red with the little floral sprays. Lovely!

Carly said...

I love them all! xxx

Sydney said...

they are so neat! xx

joleisa said...

Wow, beautiful paintings! You're very talented! I always wanted to be at least half as good as you are!)

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