Friday, September 28, 2012

Moth tattoos & daisy embroidery

Sometimes it is nice to just do a drawing and not worry about making a painting or having a title or doing anything except being self indulgent and drawing what you want. Which is always girls with nice butts and tiny flowers and gothy tattoos. There are a lot of faults with this drawing but i don't care because i enjoyed drawing it.


Anonymous said...

Wow this is gorgeous...and so bizarre in a way because I swear I honestly have the EXACT same tattoo on my arm! I wonder if our paths have crossed in some way then... :) Love this drawing so much! Are you going to put prints in your Etsy shop?

Sophie Jane said...

i can not see a single fault, this is so so stunning, you're an incredible illustrator

Devon said...

oh, cool! which side? I'd love to see.

Haven't decided about prints yet, i might put the original up though.