Sunday, June 12, 2011

Home Again

Home from the Auckland Craft Fair! Bit of a whirlwind trip to Auckland, very exhausting. The wonderful Evie Kemp let Dear Colleen and I stay at her lovely house, and drove us all around, and most importantly let us play with her dogs.

This is Bonnie, who licked my feet a lot. I didn't get a good photo of Jasper, probably because i was too busy cuddling him.

The fair! All three of us were right at the back, far away from the door, on a little platform area, so i think quite a few people missed us, but it was still very fun. It was only 4 hours long, which was a great length, so i was only drooping a little by the end.

I finished my first zine, and it made it's debut here. It will be on etsy soon, i didn't expect it to sell so well but I have none left!

Craft fairs are still not really my thing (I don't actually do any craft at all...) but the trip to Auckland made this one very worthwhile, I met lots of amazing people, and had a nice break from work. I did intend this to be my very last but I may have just signed on to do another very soon....

Here's a photo of what i came home to. Bright blue skies, after rain the entire Auckland trip.
(also Wal and the cat were there but they are currently both asleep and so I shan't bother them with terrible photo-taking)


Mary said...

I really wanted one of your zines! Didn't get in quick enough :) Lovely stall!

Kim W. said...

Devon! it was lovely chatting to you at the fair! Sorry I cldnt come out with u guys after... my helper friend started feeling ill so i had to take her home! next time for sure!! :) xx

Sydney said...

your artworks are lovely! :)

did you study graphic design in college / university? if i want to create zines like yours, is it okay to embark on fine art course?


Victoria Whincup said...

Your stall looked wonderful! Just discovered your blog...and I like it very much!

Devon said...

Thanks everyone!

And Sydney - I studied Fine Arts at university (I have a B.F.A), but i don't think you really need any schooling to make zines x

Sydney said...

thank for replying! you just calm me down ahaha x
but in my country there's only fine art in diploma :( i might not continue degree/bachelor overseas due to money issue... im afraid i couldnt find a job after graduation xx

[OKAY BONES] said...

I would wet my pants, or refrain from doing this if it'd help the situation, being that I desperate need that girl with raccoon print on a shirt! <33333333 you're fantastic.

Devon said...

I have tried to get that raccoon girl onto a shirt before.. but i'd have to vectorise it or something so it'll screen print. There is probably some magical non-screenprinting way of making shirts but I sure don't what that is.

Thank you for all your lovely comments xxxxx