Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things to eat

A while ago, my mum gave me a recepe for naan bread. I tried it out the other day, and was very surprised at how well they came out! I'm normally a bit rough with cooking/baking, so anything that requires any sort of precise measuring doesn't work so well.

Here's my dough. In my lovely Mason&Cash mixing bowl.
It was my first time using it, too.

Wal used to work at a pizza place, so i got him to do the

After leaving it to rise for a while.

I made them little.. because.

yum yum yum

Anyway they turned out so good so i wanted to show them off. I had them with curried vegetables and tofu omnomnom. I made way too many so now my freezer is full of frozen dough-lumps.


ella said...

They look delicious! Would you share the recipe? I just bought one of your prints from Swonderful the other day and I adore it.

Sarah McNeil said...

Yum! Making breads is fun.