Friday, April 16, 2010


At the sacrifice of my neck and wrist, I have finished two new cameo brooches and a little necklace. I need to take a serious break from these now or I don't think I'll be able to recover. Or i need to finda more ergonomic way to work on them.. I really need to get a photo of me painting one, i'm sure i look very funny all hunched over with my face an inch from the wood.

I have been so tired lately, and all i want to do is paint, but after work all i can do is read or go straight to bed. So I've hardly been painting at all.. I don't know if it's my chronic fatigue getting bad again, or if my iron levels are down, or just being a bit depressed from working an exhausting day job and struggling with money so much. I really don't want to turn back into the sleepy boring mess i was a year or two ago.

I have something fun/cool coming up in July, so i have something good to look forward to. I will just focus on that and try not to fall into a rut.

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