Saturday, January 2, 2010


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I am in Auckland for a wedding, sleeping on a couch. I kind of like this whole living out of a suitcase thing, actually. I've been travellin around a fair bit lately, at least within NewZealand. Next week however is settle-down time, finding a flat, finding a day-to-day job. Yuck. I wish i could live off my artings, but even though everything is going swell right now i'm worried it'll collapse. Also too much time by myself makes me a little crazy.

Sarah McNeil and i are having a show at Bats theatre this month. I think stuff will be up around the 7th, but we are having a fancy opening later on when Sarah and I are both in town. There will be more stuff on the walls then too. Also alcohol and good music. I am excited! making friends with Sarah has been so lovely.

psst i have started a new moleskin which is a psuedo comic diary. perhaps i will upload snippets soon instead of my horrid writing.


Laura said...

Love your work, just wrote a blog entry about it :) And yes upload the comic diary, it sounds amazing.

Devon said...

Thanks! and i think i will. Mostly so far it's 'what i wore' type stuff. x