Monday, November 30, 2009


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The lovely people at sprout hired me to draw a little picture for their lovely bags. I have a few for sale on etsy

They are made of unbleached oragnic cotton and are lovely and useful!

On another note, i am super broke but am mostly moved to Wellington. It is a whole lot cooler than my old city, but i am not very cool so i'm not sure how i fit in. Art seems to sell a lot better here though. I am in a little group show at the nicest gallery here, called Solander. I had sent up two works a few weeks ago and somehow they sold before even being displayed! So i had to take in more. They took four this time! which is neat as the limit for the actual exhibition is two. Hopefully they take this as a good sign and let me exhibit solo at some stage.

I am living out of a suitcase at the moment, which is a bit tricky. I am living like a squatter without the plus of not actually paying rent. It's much more expensive to live up here, so a lame part-time job is going to have to me got by me.

I have a ton of art to upload, but im borrowing my boyfriends computer and he is shooting things on it most of the time so it might be a while before i can actually scan things.

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