Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wolf hat

Wolf hat
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I started painting again. A bit iffy still but fixable i guess. A break probably wasn't actually the best idea. Theres also a flaming redhead (more of a ginger) on my flickr, but she needs a recoat as i painted her all in watercolours and i'm too messy for watercolours. Gouache covers all over-line messes, watercolours do not. I drew some decent things.

Children's book i never talk about is BLAH i hate the style i've drawn it in. And the way i've coloured it. Only my initial character designs are any good. I'm stressing over jobs and it makes me rush illustrations because i 'need them for my portfolio'. Then i hate them and throw them out and have wasted time on nothing.

My secret bandits series is looking good though. It's stretching my drawing abilities, what with mostly being full-figures and animals i've never drawn and teeny details to agonize over. I love it because it is secret so i feel less pressure and thus am just enjoying the process of drawing/painting.

I should probably start contacting galleries to pitch the proposal to, does anyone have any good suggestions? I would quite like to make the move to exhibiting in Australia, but have few contacts over there and know no galleries very well.

I was featured on recently (or my etsy store was) which was a fantastic surprise. I just love Holly's blog, and actually seeing my art on it was wonderful.


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