Saturday, December 13, 2008

The End!

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I have graduated! The ceremony was very boring, and the parade was rained out, but it was enjoyable all the same. My gown and mortar board looked hideous, as my school decided that navy blue, pink, and yellow were a good combination.

To my surprise i won the peoples choice award! i was so stunned and thrilled at the time all i could do was squeak. This award was voted in by the public, so it's a pretty great thing to win.

I sold two of my paintings at the SITE exhibition, then a woman from a local gallery took another 6 away to put in her christmas show. I'm currently exhibiting with such fantastic artists as Sam Foley and two of my old tutors from art school Olau neilson and Steeve Peryoux. Very exciting! I also sold a couple of little drawings and a big older painting. All this money coming in is just fantastic, perhaps a career as an artist isn't quite so far fetched as i imagined.

Another lovely surprise was my big brother coming down for graduation, and my parents congratulating me by buying me a swell new digital SLR camera ( a Canon eos 1000 to be precise) so i shall be documenting my work a whole lot better as of today.

Internet isn't up at my house yet, so blog updates will be few and far between for a little while longer xoxoxox

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all done and dusted

hope you have a nice well earned summer break

well done for being the people's favourite!!

eat up some sun for me